FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions): What is Tae Kwon Do (TKD)? Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art that utilizes punches, jabs, chops, blockingand choking moves, and especially powerful, leaping kicks.   What style of Tae Kwon Do do you teach? We teach traditional Tae Kwon Do at our school, with a focus on power and precision.   Is Tae Kwon Do right for me? Yes, Tae […]

Most of our teenage students at O’Malley Tae Kwon Do Center come together from middle and high school in Peabody, some travel from towns farther away (i.e. Andover, Boston). They may have various interests, activities outside of Tae Kwon Do, here at O’Malley Tae Kwon Do Center, their goal and vision are the same – […]


2013 Peabody Fire and Police Memorial Kicking Challenge Our students completed more than 260,000 kicks for this challenge and collected nearly $4,000 for the Peabody Fire and Police Memorial Fund. Mr. O’Malley and Mr. Folau are extremely proud of their students’ accomplishment and thankful for the support they received from their friends and families. We […]



We would like to thank Officer McHale for conducting the Ani-Bullying Program at O’Malley Tae Kwon Do Center. The kids were all “fired up” to do their part in stopping bullies in their schools. Why did we create this program? Bullying has been shown to contribute to poor student achievement, increased school avoidance and absenteeism, […]

Demo (614x365)

Mark your calendar for Sunday, June 15th! O’Malley Tae Kwon Do Demo Team has been invited to the 2014 Boston Dragon Boat Festival on the Charles (2nd year in a row)! Our Demo Team is filled out a group of energetic, and dedicated members. Since the school opening in 2011, the team has performed at […]

Students at O’Malley Tae Kwon Do Center come from a variety of cultural backgrounds. We are always in search of opportunities to learn from one another. Our Chinese Art Workshop with Ms. Li was conducted in Mandarin Chinese. Ms. Li’s daughter Fei Wu helped translate in realtime. Our art students enjoyed the workshop very much […]



Chinese Art Workshop Experience the mastery of Chinese painting with Ms. Xiang Li, Master Art Instructor How did the class begin?  In Chinese, we have a saying: “When two talents meet, possibilities emerge.” Ms. Li’s daughter, Fei Wu, began training with Master O’Malley in 2001. Like any proud mother, Li enjoyed watching her daughter perform […]